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Leornian is an Old English word that means to learn, ponder*, or to acquire knowledge**
(This is where the word learn comes from--through the Middle English lernen.)

Leornian was sometimes also used as "to teach"** (see Defn. II.a-e in OED)

The distinction between "to teach" and "to learn" was not always clearly made; it is a somewhat recent historical and linguistic development.

Leornian.org was created and is maintained with that same undivided concept--with teaching and learning as a converging, common enterprise.

The best students are able to effectively teach what they've learned, and continue to amass, refine, and purvey an ever-growing wealth of knowledge and understanding.
Many seasoned teachers also aspire to be lifelong learners--and not to simply profess what they know--but to improve, interrelate, and reassess their method of inquiry and mode of presentation.

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[* American Heritage Dictionary, 4th ed.]

[** OED (Oxford English Dictionary), Word of the Day: Dec. 11, 2010]